The Changists' Manifesto

As Changists, we aim to disrupt an industry that’s resistant to disruption while changing the lives of others by raising awareness of mental health. We donate a percentage of our profits to mental health causes.

Meet The Changists' Founders

Stacey Stevenson


Stacey considers herself an unorthodox student of technology. They selected tech as a means of survival when they moved to Dallas from their small hometown at the age of 21. Having no formal background and only a GED education, Stacey read a Windows 95 manual overnight and landed a job. From there, she grew to love all aspects of technology and leadership and that passion has sustained for over twenty years.

Since then, they have earned multiple technology and leadership certifications. Stacey also holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Management.

Formerly Senior Managing Director at Charles Schwab and Co. and co-founder of Lez Talk: A Women’s Empowerment Conference, which celebrates the lives and love of LGBTQ+ women, Stacey has also been an active advocate for intersectional gender and racial equality in business, the tech industry, and their Dallas community.

Today, Stacey is the CEO of Family Equality, a national non-profit organization working to advance legal and lived equality for LGBTQ families across the US. Through community building, organizing, and driving policy change, Stacey leads Family Equality closer to a future that maximizes safe, accessible, and essential opportunities for LGBTQ+ youth and families.

Fun Facts about Stacey

        1. I see number, months, and days in the week in color.

        2. I am an anglophile (someone who is obsessed with British culture).

        3. I am not a tap dancer, but I have tapped danced in a TV commercial

Fun Facts about Cheralyn

        1. I am a classically trained pianist.

        2. I am obsessed with all superhero shows.

        3. My mom is 1 of 22 kids!

Cheralyn Stevenson

Co-Founder & CEO

Cheralyn has an extensive and impressive background on legal administrative matters. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminology from Regis University as well as a Master of Business Administration in Project Management from Colorado Technical University. She has also held numerous senior and leadership positions over the last 20 years planning, monitoring, and executing processes advancing law firm efficiency optimization with innovative risk mitigation and profit maximization strategies. 

As an assiduous multi-tasker with a discerning eye for detail, she always goes above and beyond to ensure her work is as thorough and meticulous as possible.

Besides being a persistent results-driven self-starter and self-motivator, she is renowned for being an excellent team player, always inspiring and motivating those around her with her tenacious leadership capabilities, talent, intelligence, and conviction. 

Cheralyn is also very involved in and dedicated to the community. In 2018, she also founded Lez Talk Dallas: A Women’s Empowerment Conference, which celebrates the lives and love of LGBTQ+ women. Its mission is to help create stronger women who are healthy, proud, and unafraid to love and live authentic lives.

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