Solutions for the next generation of female voices

Women’s voices are louder and stronger than ever, and they are demanding to be both seen and heard. With The Changing Woman Practice, we bring light to the subjects that are leading women to find their voices. Via key notes, workshops, and Ted talk style talks, we educate and inspire women to embrace and use their strength.


Elevate your Existence

Men tend to exist without fail; women tend to exist when it’s permissible. It’s time to stop asking for permission and start living your life without apology. This workshop helps participants move about the world with more influential voices and an elevated sense of confidence and resilience.

Navigating the Woman of Color Experience in Corporate America

For women of color, Corporate America can be a place where you do not feel quite at home; a place where you apologize for who you are before you ever enter the room and where often, no one else in the room looks like you. As a result, you sometimes get pushed aside, criticized if you speak up or not taken seriously.

This workshop focuses on finding your voice in the complex world of Corporate America while learning how to succeed in an often highly exclusive environment. Whether you are an employee, a leader, or an ally seeking to understand how they can do their part, we will help you discover how to thrive in this environment

Be B.R.A.V.E

Have you ever questioned what you believe? What would you say if we told you most of those beliefs are limiting and creating fear in your life? Our Be B. R. A. V. E. (Belief – Restore – Awareness – Vulnerability – Educate) is an experiential workshop that helps participants get to the heart of their limiting belief systems.

Everything that we do, every decision that we make from the clothes that we wear to the people that we marry, to the places that we work is all steeped in our belief systems. In this workshop, we will help you get to the heart of your belief systems, develop a heightened sense of awareness, and cultivate a healthier relationship with fear